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About Us

We are a foster based, all volunteer dog rescue focused on rehabilitating and rehoming

the abused, neglected and unwanted. Based mostly in Ohio with a director also in

North Carolina, this allows us to work with shelters everywhere in between. We pride

ourselves in helping the dogs that need us most. With a group of experienced fosters

and a loyal support system, it allows us to take on medical cases that would otherwise

lose their lives. We sometimes work with owners who need help rehoming pets and

work rescuing neglected puppy mill dogs. We are a registered 501 (C) 3 non-profit

organization. We started off as a group of close friends who all had the same passion

and idea of what rescue should be. We believe that every dog that passes through

our hands should be cared for the same as we care for our own personal dogs.

Each dog gets ALL veterinary care they need before being adopted to a family. This

can be anything such as a simple dental surgery to a major spine or hip surgery.

Because we are foster based our dogs live with us in our homes. We get to know

them on a very personal level. This helps us determine what type of home would

be the best fit for each dog. This also gives us the opportunity to work with any

behavioral/training issues that they may have. Our commitment to our dogs does

not end when they leave us to begin their new lives. They and their new family become

an extension of ours. Because we are an all-volunteer organization who rely completely

on donations and adoption fees to care for our dogs.


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