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Boomer's Story

Boomer was rescued from a puppy mill in December 2019. The reason for Boomer being surrendered by his Amish breeder was that he couldn't stand on his own long enough to breed. If we didn't pick him up, he would be killed. He was left to rot on a dirty barn floor at only 9 months old.  


When we got Boomer, he was limping badly and had no muscle in his hind end. We had to use a rolled-up towel to help him stand and walk because he couldn't get up off the floor on his own and had no balance due to weakness. He was in obvious pain. We took him for X-rays and found out that he had a degenerative joint disease, and his hip joint was deteriorating. He was put on medications for pain management and we scheduled an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy Surgery). This is a procedure in which the ball of the hip joint is removed and scar tissue forms in its place creating a false joint. His surgery was in January of 2020. Boomer did great and healed fast. We thought we were done, and that Boomer was ready for his home! Boomer's bad genes had other plans...


In March 2020 Boomer started limping on the OTHER side. So, once again we took him for X-rays. We got the same news as we did back in December... FHO. Again. We scheduled it. Got it done and everything was going great. Then Boomer started limping AGAIN! Bone spurs formed in one of the surgery sites. This was described to us as feeling like walking with rocks in your shoes. Only for Boomer the rocks were on his hips. July 2020... Surgery again to remove bone spurs. This time Boomer healed super-fast and we knew he was finally on his way to finding a home! But those bad genes popped up again!


This time Boomer's incision got badly infected. No matter what antibiotic we used nothing seemed to work. So, we ran a CBC panel. Boomer now had a Staph infection inside his surgery site. Luckily, the next round of antibiotics worked, and we finally got Boomer to a happy, healthy, pain-free place. 


Boomer's issues were all due to bad breeding. Generations before him were bred to death only to put some money in someone's pocket. Then when Boomer wasn't able to be bred he was worth nothing but trash. But they were wrong about that. Boomer is a treasure. The year that he was with us he touched so many hearts. He was always happy to meet anyone and  after meeting him, nobody could walk away without a big smile. He was our big dopey Boomie and we'll never forget him.


In October 2020 he was adopted by a very special family. He's spoiled to death and having the time of his life.

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